Musical Direction Resume
  Sound Clips and Multimedia


Witness For The Prosecution - Otterbein Summer Theatre, Columbus, OH

Travis Smith gets the body language of the pompous prosecutor down pat…
-Columbus Dispatch

Other strong performances are Travis Smith as the nasally pompous prosecutor Mr. Meyers.
-Pickerington Times-Sun

Humorously eccentric courtroom appearances are turned in by Travis Smith as the prosecuting attorney...
-The Other Paper


Pirates of Penzance  - Weathervane Playhouse, Newark, OH

Travis Smith is an absolute hoot as the bumbling sergeant of police who leads (or follows) his men in pursuit of the pirates.
-Newark Advocate


Old Rugged Cross – Cornwell’s Dinner Theatre, Marshall, MI

[It has] well conceived music direction by Travis Smith…[Smith] performs the first solo, the show’s second song, the classic “Amazing Grace,” with sweet and balanced smoothness.
-Battle Creek Enquirer

The cast are some of the best singers I have ever heard.  Wonderful!
-Marshall Chronicle


Ring of Fire – Circa ’21 Dinner Theatre, Rock Island, IL

….in a marvelous, magical surprise, the show's "background" musicians wind up exuding just as much personality as its leads. Singing, swaying, and joshing right alongside, Ring of Fire's featured sextet [is] pianist and music director Travis Smith…
-River City Reader

The band, led by musical director Travis Smith was flawless; so tight with almost everyone in the cast playing an instrument at one time or another.
-Clinton Herald

...musical director Travis Smith (who also handles conducting and keyboard duties), and bass player Justin Droegemueller sing three-part harmony on the comedic "Egg Suckin’ Dog," which (deservedly) generates great mirth.

Smith…plus most of the rest of the company – provide rich, superb live music for the entire show. This blending of company and orchestra into one fluid whole may be Smith’s greatest contribution to RING OF FIRE, but it’s hard to be sure when there is so much great music to be heard.


Junie B. Jones - Circa '21 Dinner Theatre, Rock Island, IL

….and Travis Smith, triple-cast as Junie's dad, principal, and classmate William, offers a trio of lightly comedic treats. (He's especially good when his kindergartner furiously shakes a jar of deceased crickets in the hopes of waking them up.)
-River City Reader